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IMPORTANT : SQFI Registration notice

December 19, 2018

Dear SQF Stakeholder:

After holding the line on registration fees since 2014, we find it necessary to raise the 2019 rate by $50 in each registration fee category.  This modest increase is to maintain the level of expert online and in-person service that you expect from our program. The new fee table for 2019 is copied below and will go into effect January 1, 2019.

Overview of SQF Registration Fee Increase – 2019
Size of Supplier 2018 Fee 2019 Fee
>$50M 600 $ 650 $
$25M-$50M 500 $ 550 $
$5M – $25M 350 $ 400 $
<$5M 250 $ 300 $
Primary Producers 100 $ 150 $
* This change marks the first annual site fee price increase since 2014.

This includes an increase in registration of $50 for primary producer’s (A) category in the new fee table.  We offer this lower registration rate for primary producers, that is, (primary food sector categories are (FSC) 1,2,3 & 5-6) The primary food sectors are for growers and ranchers of livestock, sprouted seeds, produce and nuts, broad acre agricultural operations and seafood.  It is not for processing facilities, pack-houses, manufacturing operations, or packaging facilities.

Our analysis showed that this category has been severely abused in the past.  We surveyed (A) registrants recently and found that a significant number, 203, of those registering as $100(A) were not primary producers at all.

The SQFI team contacted each of these suppliers. Most are food manufacturers and a number are large companies. It took a significant amount of time and resources to clear up the misuse of the category.

We will be monitoring this category in 2019, and there will be penalties levied on SQFI certified sites that misuse the primary FSCs.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, and for choosing to be an SQF certified supplier.


robert garfield

Chief Food Safety Assessment Officer & SVP
Safe Quality Food Institute

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