How to Get Certified

Achieving SQF Certification can seem like a daunting task. However, SQFI has provided resources to help at every step of the way. With step-by-step certification instructions, training, customer service team, and more, SQFI has made food safety and quality certification easier to acquire.


Processus de certification

Step 1: En savoir plus sur le code SQF

There are different available options for learning about the SQF Code:

  • Attend a SQF Information Day – SQF Information Days are day-long, in-person informational seminars designed to introduce food suppliers at all levels of the food chain to the benefits of food safety and quality certification.
  • Online Courses – Our Implementing SQF Systems course is available through our online training center, Alchemy Academy
  • Instructor led Courses – Our Licensed Training Centers offer Implementing SQF Systems courses in many different locations throughout the US and Globally
  • Train Yourself – Our codes are available for free to download and study here
Étape 2: Register Your Company in the SQF Assessment Database

To register for an SQF audit in the SQF Assessment Database, click here

Registration Fees:

Classification Description de la classification Frais USD
A Primary Producers (farms, ranches, orchards, etc. or FSC 1, 3, 5, 6) 150 $
B Suppliers with a gross revenue < $5 million USD 300 $
C Suppliers with a gross revenue > 5 million USD < 25 million USD 400 $
D Suppliers with a gross revenue > 25 million USD < 50 million USD 550 $
E Suppliers with a gross revenue > 50 million USD 650 $
M Organisation multisite
    Site central 1000 $
    Chaque site secondaire 25 $
Étape 3: Désigner un employé comme praticien SQF

The SQF Practitioner must satisfy the below requirements as outlined in section of the SQF Code:

  • Be employed by the site as a company employee on a full-time basis
  • Have completed a HACCP-based training course
  • Be competent to implement and maintain Good Agricultural/Aquacultural/Manufacturin Practices
  • Have an understanding of the SQF Code and the requirements to implement and maintain SQF System relevant to the site’s scope of certification.*

*To learn more about the SQF Code and requirements, please refer to Step 1

Looking for an SQF Practitioner? Why not Hire a Scholar?

Étape 4: Choose Your Type of Certification

Please choose either:

Fundamentals (Formerly Level 1)
Food Safety (Formerly Level 2)
Food Safety and Quality (Formerly Level 3)

Étape 5: Obtenir des propositions des organismes de certification détenteurs de licence SQF

To find  a Certification Body in your area, click here

Étape 6: Effectuer une pré-évaluation (facultatif)

Either an SQF auditor or your SQF practitioner can identify the “gaps” between your program and the desired type of SQF certification.

Étape 7: Choisir un organisme de certification et programmer une vérification

Select the proposal from the Certification Body that best suits your facility and its needs, then schedule an audit with this Certification Body.

Étape 8: Certification Body Conducts Initial Certification Audits

Initial Certification Audits consists of both a Document Review (Desk Audit) and a Facility Assessment (Facility Audit).

The SQF Assessment Database


Training Corner

Need help learning about the SQF Program and how to get started, check out our educational tools and training classes.