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SQFI has partnered with Alchemy Systems to develop easily-accessible and interactive online courses that enable you to understand the SQF Code and its requirements. Through the Alchemy Academy, SQFI is able to offer a convenient and effective way for SQF sites, practitioners, consultants, trainers, and auditors to address food safety and quality standards, learn about the SQF Program and Codes, and earn a certificate of participation and attendance.


These online courses were developed to:

  • Save you time and money – reduce your time away from work and eliminate all travel expenses
  • Work with your schedule – access the course from any computer, at any time within 30 days
  • Provide instant results – print your certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course

Cours de mise en œuvre des systèmes SQF

The first step in achieving SQF certification is to clearly understand the SQF Food Safety Code requirements. Oftentimes the manufacturers already have in place many of the food safety programs found in the SQF Code, but an additional assessment must be made to identify any gaps to be sure they are fully protecting their product. The course is recommended for sites seeking certification, as well as consultants, trainers and anyone interested in learning about the SQF Program.

Available in both instructor-led and online formats to fit all learning needs, the Implementing SQF Systems training course helps sites understand the Food Safety Code so an effective SQF Program can be implemented.
Concordant avec le code SQF, édition 8, et disponible en anglais et en espagnol, le cours en ligne couvre les sujets suivants :

  • Préparation de mise en œuvre d’un système SQF
  • Mise en œuvre d’un système SQF
  • Développer des plans pour la qualité et la salubrité des alimentss fondés sur les principes HACCP
  • Préparation de la vérification et de la certification SQF
  • Préparation des BPA pour contrôler les risques, les menaces et les risques pour la salubrité des aliments

The cost for the Implementing SQF Systems online course is $700 US per person.

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SQF Quality Systems Course

The SQF Quality Systems for Manufacturing course clarifies the relationship between safety and quality, and explains process variation, how to use data to understand your system, how to prevent defects with statistical process controls, and more.

By the end of this self-paced course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the link between product quality and quality management principles.
  • Explain the product quality parameters within your food industry sector or site.
  • Document and implement the SQF Quality Code, Edition 8
  • Understand and apply the “cost of quality” model within a site.
  • Apply the Plan, Do, Check, Act, or PDCA, cycle to improve quality outcomes.
  • Understand how quality management principles impact product quality and productivity.
  • Apply and improve quality management principles within your site.

The SQF Quality Systems course is intended for quality, technical and managerial staff working in food manufacturing who seek to understand and differentiate between food safety management and quality management, and who are intending to implement the SQF Quality Code, Edition 8.

Course attendees must have successfully completed examinable HACCP training, and either Implementing SQF Systems training (minimum: edition 7) or Auditing SQF Systems/Lead SQF Auditor training (minimum: édition 7).

The cost for the SQF Quality Systems online course is $700 US per person.

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